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Hello Neighbor,

My name is Kelsey Whalen.  I am the owner of 425 Home Organization and am based out of Issaquah.  I feel honored to be trusted in your home to help declutter, sort, and make lasting solutions that will provide the stress free environment that we all hope and strive for in our homes but overcoming this challenging task is difficult without the proper support, time, or bandwidth.  That is where I can help.  Please don't hesitate to contact me today! 

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Suburban House

Step 1: Consultation

30 min Show me the Space

or 60 min Guide and Planning. More details on the service page.

Piles of Clothes on a Piano

Step 2: Declutter & Sort Sessions

First session is categorizing and deciding whether to keep or discard/donate.

Cream and White Clothes

Step 3: Design and Create Function

Implementing proper placement and storage of your items. 


Step 4: Ensure Maintenance

Check in 1-6 months later to see how the space is serving you and make adjustments.  

Nazifa F., Issaquah

Yes, definitely received value from the service. Given how tight my space is, I think she did the best possible with it. The best part is that everything was done without me really having to worry too much about it!

Deshpande Family, Monroe 

Regarding pantry, yeah we are liking it so far! Slowly getting used to the new setup. It's looking much cleaner now! Thank you!

Alex C., Bellevue

Kelsey did a fabulous job organizing our pantry and food cabinets! It's a bit embarrassing how much we had shoved in those spaces. She showed up armed with containers and in SIX HOURS, she emptied, sorted, and organized both areas. I couldn't believe it and still walk over to stare at them. What a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you, Kelsey!
With organization come empowerment

-Lynda Petersen

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